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A woman’s peritoneum and abdominal cavity contain most of the intestinal organs including the uterus. As the digestive tracts, uterus, and other reproductive organs are situated right next to each other, when one organ has an inflammation other organs nearby tend to develop similar problems.

Treating Gynecological Problems


In Traditional Eastern Medicine, we provide three main therapies: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Moxibustion. Of these, Moxibustion is implemented to eliminate pathological chills and to balance internal temperature disorders.

Moxibustion is performed by placing a cone-shaped ‘moxa’ on a specific meridian point in the body and lighting up the tip, and letting it slowly burn through. As it burns, the heat of the moxa cone is gradually absorbed through the patient’s skin, and as a result, a chemical reaction that signals and activates the immune reaction of the body occurs, while increasing the blood circulation.

The cone is removed when 2/3 is burned through, so as not to cause discomfort to the patient.   Mugwort, the one and only herbal ingredient of the moxa, is an edible herb commonly used in East Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. In Traditional Eastern Medicine, we value mugwort for its heating property as it eliminates the pathological chill of internal organs, which is the main cause for most gynecological and obstetric ailments. 

AMA (Abdominal Moxa Acupressure)

Because the uterus is located below the abdominal muscle tissues, it does not directly benefit from core muscle exercises or stretching.

But our AMA, designed by Jeonhee Jang L.Ac, enhances blood circulation in the uterine structure by stimulating and stretching.  And since most uterine diseases are direct results of the accumulated toxins within the uterus muscle walls, proper blood circulation is vital in keeping your uterus healthy. 

V-Steam (Vagina Steam)

Generally the moxibustion is produced in small cones, but it may differ in shapes depending on specific treatments.

For instance, the V-steam (Vagina Steam) is made for pelvic wall exposure. And It is an highly effective modality for various gynecological symptoms such as infertility, menstrual symptoms, yeast infection, and other pelvic wall related ailments.