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Treating Infertility

Acupuncture increases IUF & IVF success rate up to 40%

Integrative IVF-Acupuncture Program

Our Integrative IVF-Acupuncture Program is designed to be compatible with your IUF and IVF cycles. The program consists of two weekly acupuncture sessions, combined with AMA (Abdominal Moxa Acupressure) therapy, and Home Moxa-Shower therapy, until the day of either the insemination for IUF or the insertion of the fertilized egg for IVF.

Research has shown that acupuncture increases the success rate of IUF &IVF up to 40%. Acupuncture stimulates the qi of the uterine meridian and helps fertilized egg to correctly anchor onto the endometrium of the uterus. And moxibustion enhances the treatment by strengthening the overall condition of the uterus.

Pre-Pregnancy Program

Our Pre-Pregnancy Program is recommended for couples who are preparing to get pregnant. As with a wise farmer who plows the field and nurtures it before sowing, it is important to prepare your body before the actual pregnancy, like changing your dietary habits and exercising regularly.

The Reset Detox Diet could be a great way to start this program, since it’s a highly effective method to detoxify your body, while steering your dietary habits in a healthier direction. Once-a-week acupuncture sessions will promote your general well-being and reduce stress hormones.  And herbal medication may also be prescribed to eliminate blood toxins to prevent dysmenorrheal, myomas, or ectopic pregnancy.