Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Chronic intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is connected to the condition of the intestinal walls. Usually due to unknown reasons, chronic inflammation occurs in the bowel walls and causes the symptoms, which could be extremely irritating and painful.  And as all chronic intestinal diseases, it disrupts your health and your social life as well, creating severe mental stress that could lead to depression and anxiety.

The conventional method of treatment is to reduce and minimize the inflammation.  And most Western medicine tries to do this by prescribing steroid or other anti-inflammatory medications, but they embody the danger of strong side effects.

And our goal is to treat inflammation the healthier way.  By implementing Abdominal Tui-na treatment with herbal medication, we help patients with a safe and holistic approach.

Causes & Treatments

“Abdominal Tui-na helps with eliminating your intestinal inflammation.”

Some people have a weaker digestive functionality than others. And such people are more prone to indigestions and ailments of the digestive tract. Since having a weaker functionality also means having a less effective recovery system, the intestinal walls are more prone to injury and inflammation.  And our Abdominal Tui-na treatment focuses on relieving the unnatural tension and strain of the intestinal soft tissues, and by doing so, it helps to increase the blood circulation of the digestive tract.  As a result, it improves the functionality and expedite the recovery process from inflammation and injury.

“Green vegetables not being ‘healthy’ may sound extremely illogical to you, but it’s because Traditional Eastern Medicine’s nutrition theories consider not just the chemical nutrients in food but also their ‘heat’ and ‘cold’ characteristics as well.”

Changes in diet is also required. But instead of focusing on the general idea of eating ‘healthy,’ we focus on individual’s constitution and physical characteristics.  Since according to Traditional Eastern Medicine theory, everybody has different body types and it applies to the digestive system as well. For example, raw green vegetables, which is harder to digest, might be harmful to a person who suffers from constant indigestion and bloating. Instead, low fiber food with high calorie diet is recommended; like eating white rice over whole wheat bread.  And for people with IBS, it is important to avoid dairy products, wheat, and barley.