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What is Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal Allergies is the collision between external ‘allergens’ and internal ‘false-heat’

We blame the pollen, flowers, and other allergens, but the real problem is in the imbalance of the internal system and weakened immunity. In short, it’s when the body is affected with a ‘chill’ caused by yang deficiency of the kidney.

According to Traditional Eastern Medicine, kidney deficiency impedes circulation and compromises the function of organs, and creates consumptive heat known as the ‘false- heat’.

In the spring, as the weather starts to warm up, yang energy sprouts up from the cold ground.  And as this sprouting energy collides with the ‘chill’ in the body, it builds up the ‘false-heat’, resulting in symptoms we know as seasonal allergies. Simply put, allergic symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and itchiness are caused by the collision between the external pathogens, the ‘allergens’ and the body’s inner pathogenic energy, the ‘false-heat’.

Causes & Solutions

Irregular and stressful lifestyle is at the root of kidney deficiency, but environment also plays a factor.  We spend most of our time in air conditioned spaces, which prevents the body from naturally acclimating to the weather by sweating and releasing heat.  And the habit of taking cold drinks and food doesn’t help.  So is sitting in front of a computer all day without exercise, for it drops the temperature of the body, making the ‘false-heat’ to accumulate and rises up in the body.

And our Seasonal Allergy Package does more than bringing temporary relief.  For it is designed to tackle the root of the problem when fighting allergic symptoms.  By combining herbal and acupuncture treatments, it is focused on being highly effective and to bring out the best result in no time.

Twice a week for 3 weeks

Formulated into 3 little pills, twice a day

Brings down the inflammation and opens up the nasal passage

No cold drinks, especially on an empty stomach