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Maintenance Phase

Maintaining the lost weight after completing a diet program is challenging for most people.

And this is where Reset Detox Diet program distinguishes itself from other diet plans—our program is highly effective because we designed it with maintenance in mind.

The 7-day Cycle

The ‘7-day Cycle’ is an easy and effective way to maintain a healthy diet while appeasing cravings.

For 6 days of the week, you’re recommended to have big breakfast, moderate lunch, and light dinner.  The only rule is “no carbs after 2pm.”

On the 7th day, you can eat whatever you want—ice cream, cheesecake, or chocolate chip cookies. The only rule is, once again, “no carbs after 2pm.”

Research shows that the body only absorbs the amount of calories it’s accustomed to.  So when you add up more calories once in awhile, the body tends to ignore the additional intake. Thus, keeping a healthy diet for 6 days and indulging in your cravings just for 1 day out of the week, becomes an easy and effective way to maintain your weight loss without compromising your health.