Reset Spine Therapy (RST)

//Reset Spine Therapy (RST)
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3 Treatment Stages

Relief Care is provided for immediate relief of acute pain, restricted mobility, and discomfort. Depending on the diagnosis, your age, physical condition, how long you have had the current complaint, and previous injuries, a few or more visits over a short period of time will be necessary.

Corrective Care may require a longer, more complex treatment of care. Once the severity of your condition has been mitigated through relief care, corrective care aims to restore normal function of the affected spine, muscles, supporting tissues, or the nerves.

Maintenance and Wellness Care helps you to maintain and preserve the benefits you’ve achieved from relief and corrective care, eventually achieving a state of wellness. Our practitioners are trained to detect conditions in early stages, often before you notice the pain or reduced mobility. Continuing to work with our practitioners for periodic check-ups and treatments will sure to keep your spine healthy.